Current Projects

Embracing Dissent: Redefining Democracy through the perspective of Young | Co-Investigator

This project will tell the stories of how young people innovate endegenous democratic practices in Ethiopia. To conduct this project, I will be working with Sewit Haileselassie Tadesse, and gather stories, songs, drama pieces and daily life practices through photography and videography. 

The project is funded by the Global Research Network on Parliament and People.

The project will be  presented in Spring 2021.


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A Piece of Peace | Author/Creator

This report visualizes how youth-led peacebuilding looks in action. For the report, I conducted four weeks of field research in Sri Lanka in August 2018. While in Sri Lanka, I worked with and was supported by a number of young peace workers in urban and rural settings throughout the country. The importance of this report lies in its ability to capture the voices of young people in their everyday settings. I find the audiovisual presentation of everyday youth peacebuilding activities challenges institutionally driven traditional notions of peacebuilding. The report provides a variety of youth-led peacebuilding examples, including a young man's ability to influence postwar resettlement processes and a young women's struggle against gentrification to protect safe and peaceful spaces for marginalized communities residing in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

Former Projects

Mapping Youth Participation in Peace Processes | Co-Author

I have conducted research and co-authored a policy paper on youth participation and inclusion in peace processes, with Irena Grizelj, for the Office of the Secretary Generals Envoy on Youth at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The aim of the project was to map and assess the forms of young people’s participation in peace processes.

This policy paper is an important contribution for the Youth, Peace and Security agenda and features a comparative analysis on youth participation and inclusion in peace processes from multiple countries. It also includes an analysis of mediators and facilitators approach to youth inclusion. 

The policy paper is available via this link: 

The Missing Peace | Researcher

“The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security”, is a report mandated by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250. For two years, I worked as a research consultant at the joint Secretariat establish by the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office and United Nations Fund. I conducted research, analyzed data and supported the narrative development of this report. 

Through my involvement in this research project I met talented and creative young people, who are working in the peacebuilding field and act for a greater social justice. I was lucky to learn from extraordinary scholars and practitioners who worked as advisors for the report. I had the privilege to work with Graeme Simpson, who was the independent lead author.

The report is available in a short Security Council and full version via this link:


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